About us...

Bierschmiede is located in the community of Steinbach am Attersee and nestles in the natural beauty of the Salzkammergut region. Here you can still find unspoilt nature, a down-to-earth way of life with local customs and traditions still living today.

A profession linked with many of these customs and crafts is that of the blacksmith (der Schmied). Known for authentic and honest craftsmanship, the blacksmith was not only the inspiration behind the name Bierschmiede but also the craft practised in Steinbach am Attersee by the grandfather of the companys founder. Just like the blacksmith, Bierschmiede is founded on the principal of authentic craftsmanship to produce fine and characterful beers using traditional techniques and raw materials. Highest quality without compromise is our philosophy!

Regular awards for our beer specialities, including the European Beer Gold Star, confirm this philosophy and recognise our passion for beer and brewing!